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Invited Demonstrations

Invited Demonstration
(Odaiba, Tokyo)

Paper mechatronics is exhibited in National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, Tokyo, Japan (Oct.22th - 25th, 2015). We demonstrated the organic actuator and the steric structure fabrication method by using only printing.

Invited Demonstration
Lille2004 -Robots!
(Lille, France)

Tri Postal, Lille, France (Dec. 6th - 24th, 2003)
Lille has been named Cultural Capital of Europe for 2004. Being the European Capital of Culture is a national and European honour, and France will have to wait until 2013 for the next opportunity. To celebrate, Lille2004 is organizing an exciting line-up of events in the arts and performing arts, combined with an innovative series of cultural initiatives.
Our robot iSHA demonstrated at the exposition with Robisuke for four weeks. The new version iSHA-R appeared at the exposition site.

Invited Demonstration
(Kanagawa, Japan)

ROBODEX2003 was held in Pacifico Yokohama, Kanagawa Pref., Japan (Apr. 3rd - 6th, 2003). iSHA appeared at ROBODEX second time. It showed some interactive performance with guests at the booth.

Invited Demonstration
Japan Festival in Korea
(Kwangju, Korea)

The 3rd Japan Festival in Korea was held in Kwangju, Korea (17 to 22 October, Kwangju Biennale Exhibition Hall and Kwangju Art and Culture Center), which will bring the industries, products and entertainments of each country together under one roof. Bugnoid was invited for demonstration. The robot showed a number of performance and demonstrated with people on site.

Invited Demonstration
"Special Exhibition - ROBOT" (Chiba, Japan)

Chiba Museum of Science and Industry, Chiba, Japan (Aug.8th - 11th, 2002)

In the special exhibition - ROBOT that was held in the Chiba Museum of Science and Industry, iSHA has demonstrated its performance in August, 2002. This exhibition covers the history of the robotics technology, from the Karakuri doll in 18th century to the recent technologies such as AIBO by Sony and some robots by a number of research institutes.

Our robot iSHA demonstrated at the exhibition with Bugnoid and survivalino for three weeks.

Invited Demonstration
(Kanagawa, Japan)

Pacifico Yokohama, Kanagawa Pref., Japan (Mar. 28th - 31th, 2002)

In the Expo ROBODEX 2002, the number of companies and research institutions to exhibit their products is expected to increase as a result of accelerated research and development and of increased expectation of personal robots in various other field than entertainment, such as medical care, nursing, security and education.
Our robots iSHA appeared in Robot Parade during the exhibition. (a few times per a day). The 6 robots performed at 15 min parade: AIBO and SDR-4X from Sony, Guard robo from SOK, Robovie-III from ATR, Tmsuk04 from Tmsuk and ASIMO from Honda.

Invited Lecture & Demonstration
"CEATEC JAPAN 2001 - Junior Science School"
(Chiba, Japan)

The developed our robots have been introduced in a public lecture at the exhibition of CEATEC2001 in Makuhari Messe, Chiba prefecture, Japan. Because our children will be the scientists and technology leaders of the future, CEATEC JAPAN is sponsoring this hands-on event with robots. Participated adults also enjoyed learning about the latest in robotic technologies.
We provided an array of actual robots, in particular our humanoid robot "iSHA" and I discussed our history of humanoid robotics research, roles and applications. Also the methods of assembling and disassembling these robots were demonstrated. Childrens learned how robots move, and how similar they can be made to humans.

Invited Demonstration
"Robot Expo21 - Performance"
(Mie, Japan)

The developed our robots have been successfully employed in a public installation; at "Robot Expo 21", a exhibition held in Nagashima Spaland, Mie prefecture, Japan. We brought a humanoid robot "iSHA", two small mobile robot on wheels "Handley" and "MIDItro".
As a preliminaly result, "iSHA" danced by itself according to music, and his embedded binocular tracking system is capable of tracking a ball. Guests came and enjoyed communicating with robots with several channels, including sound and music, visual languages and its kind of movement.



German Documentary "Future robot - Human cooperative robot" (Summer 2003)

(upon request)

TV film by producer A. Schlichter for Geraman TV broadcasting. Focusing on human cooperative robot, iSHA and some other robots, including flutist robot and WABOT-1 were introduced.

"Internet Jouho Kyoku" by NHK (national broadcast organization) (Winter, 2002)

Opening: mpeg (36.9M)
iSHA: mpeg (31.0M)
BUGNOID: mpeg (22.3M)
tetro: mpeg (45.9M)
Survial robot: mpeg (26.9M)
Final: mpeg (13.5M)

Our robots have been introduced in TV program, especially for educational use. iSHA, Bugnoid and Survivalino demonstrated the latest performances. Childrens learned how robots move and perform by using USB-powered small quadrapt walking robot "Tetro". The multi-modality such as visual, haptic and speech is really utilized for human robot interaction.

"Robofesta Kanagawa 2001" by NHK-BS (Autumn, 2001)

mpeg (29.1M)


Online Movie

Paper Mechatronics (2013-)

Paper Mechatronics


Humanoid Robot "iSHA" (1999-)

- iSHA 2002

> iSHA Official Homepage

Integrated Communicative Robot "Bugnoid" (2001-)

"Japan Festival in Korea"
- Demo 1: mpeg (28.2M)
- Demo 2: mpeg (19.6M)

- Introduction mpeg (1.8M)
- Force Communication: mpeg (6.4M)
- Speech Recognition: mpeg (7.9M)
- Visual Recognition: mpeg (7.5M)
- Multimodal Communication: mpeg (18.5M)
- Environmental Recognition: mpeg (17.1M)
- Other Movie

> BUGNOID Official Homepage

Survival Robot (1995-)

"Survivalino" movie 2002:
mpeg (31.6M)

Multimodal Object Recognition: Jirorex

Movie : under filmshooting

GPSY (2002-)

Experiment in outside:
mpeg (12.8M)

Module Robot (2002-)

2 modules in serial: mpeg (2.1M)
3 modules in serial: mpeg (2.5M)
3 modules in parallel: mpeg (1.6M)

Control by reinforcement learning : Acrobot

Experiment: mpeg (1.4M)

Hand-shape force interface: "Handly"

Handly movie:
mpeg (4.7M)

Automatic accompaniment system from singing voice

mpeg (6.0M)

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