Research Activities

"The mission of this laboratory is to build a new relationship between human and machine based on understanding of human's intellect, emotion and volition with science and technological supported facts." (Hashimoto, 2004)

Over the past two decades, the application of robotic and machine technology has expanded from industrial use to residential use. Future machines and robots will be required to interact with people in a dynamic and uncertain environment. Therefore, research is specifically concerned with cognition in the context of man-machine-environment interaction.

Based on these considerations, we are studying on many key technologies for future machines and the related researches in roughly divided four groups, Image Processing, Music & Multimedia, Neural Network and Robotics group. We are a member of Humanoid Robotics Institute, Waseda University. Also, we are doing research in collaboration with WABOT-HOUSE Laboratory, Waseda University, and Waseda University Global COE Program, "Global Robot Academia" (see web site).

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